What makes for a successful coffee & tea concept for a café?

What makes for a successful coffee & tea concept for a café? The ´good feel´ visit is crucial. What makes for a successful concept in the catering and hospitality industry?

The visit to a café visit must leave an overall good feel and a positive experience, that´s crucial.

For visitors of any age, time spent in a café is an important social moment.

They relax, switch off, meet up with friends, have good chats and let the day pass by with a good cup of coffee or tea.

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More customers please, but how?

Do you think you could attract more customers by serving good coffee or tea? The answer is… yes.

It sounds so simple – and it can be. A good coffee and more than ever, a good cup of tea, round off the positive experience for your guests in your café.

Quality and taste do play an important role.

Have you ever been back to a café because the coffee or tea you had there was particularly good? Exactly.

Excellent coffee or tea is certainly not the most important aspect for your café, but it plays a major role in the preferences of many customers.

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A special selection: your tea and coffee supplier

Quality & presentation are a winning team.

Relying on a good tea or coffee provider is essential. A good tea supplier will advise you on choosing the right teas and tisanes for your café.

Our team at Semper Tea will be happy to show you the classics as well as the modern teas and those that are particularly trendy. Most of our organic teas are high-quality, loose leaf teas in biodegradable teabags – the ideal basis for a fine cup of tea.

When it comes to tea, appealing packaging and a special presentation are also important – it will make you stand out from the competition.

Loose tea or teabag?

In order to always serve the exact amount of tea, it is easier to work with pyramids or classic teabags. The amount for each cup of tea is precisely calculated and the optimal temperature for each tea is given. At Semper Tea you will not only find high-quality organic teas, but also biodegradable pyramid bags – all in attractive designs.

What else plays an important role in increasing sales within the food service industry?

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Tea know-how

Your staff should know and taste all the different teas and tisanes so that they can give advice.

How impressive is it when the staffs know the properties of the different black teas such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Pu-Erh, Oolong or White?

Or if they can give advice on tisanes such as camomile, mint, herbal and fruit teas and special caffeine-free teas such as rooibos.

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Naturally organic

Organic is more than just a trend. The number of vegetarian and vegan customers is increasing, and not only amongst millennials and generation Z. Healthier and above all, environmentally friendly foods, are in demand. Organic is not an option anymore.

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Tea with a difference – chai latte

The younger ones call it chai latte, a good cup of chai tea with milk. It is best to prepare it yourself, and then it is more tasty and authentic, as the powdery variants can often taste a bit artificial.

when it gets hot how about ice tea and tea cocktails semper tea

When it gets hot … how about ice tea and tea cocktails

Every year, before it gets hot, we blog about different types of tea that taste particularly good in summer. Appealing tea cocktails that can be enjoyed with and without alcohol.

If you wish to present tea in a completely different way, you can refine it with syrup, fresh herbs, fresh or frozen fruit.

For more ideas, follow our blog!

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Cooking with tea

It is trendy. Depending on the other ingredients, black or green tea can be combined with the respective dish.

Give it a try: A fish dish with a cup of green tea can become an aroma explosion. A cup of black tea goes really well with a meat dish and can be an interesting experience for the palate. Red tea such as pu erh tea goes very well with sweet desserts, and white tea is often served with light, more fruity desserts.

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Many sweety things

When it comes to sweetness, variety is a winner. Offer brown sugar, honey or stevia with a cup of organic tea – it will be appreciated.

The same applies to the selection of various milk products, such as soy, oat or almond milk – it´s great to be able to offer a wide range.

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Social media

Our last tip is about social media and above all, frees self-promotion. Show yourself on Instagram, communicate with your guests via Facebook and let them rate you positively on Google, so that potential new customers will become aware of you.

Good luck and have fun with your new business concept in your café or catering business.

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