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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Pu erh Tea – Power in red

Beneficial properties of Pu-erh tea. Regulates cholesterol and helps to lose weight. Has numerous diuretic properties. Central nervous system support. Helps improve intestinal flora. Pu-erh tea or also commonly known as red tea, comes from the plant called camellia sinensis. Blue tea, green tea, white tea, Pu-erh tea and black tea are all extracted from this plant.

Trouble falling asleep? Rooibos tea can help

Who does not have had those nights of tossing and turning from one side to the other? Thinking about this, about that … makes it extremely difficult to disconnect and fall asleep. In the end we wake up tired, irritable and unwell.
Today we would like to present you a little helper that can be your great ally in moments like these: Rooibos tea.

Liquorice tea – Healthy and delicate taste

We love liquorice. It has a naturally sweet flavour and tastes so good. Semper Tea offers a delicious organic herbal tea blend, combining liquorice with mint, lemongrass and apple pieces. The cooling mint, zesty lemongrass, fresh apple pieces and the sweetness of the liquorice make this a yummy refreshing drink. And for these hot summer days a fantastic…

Pu-erh – What makes this tea so special and healthy?

Tea is wonderfully diverse – there are so many flavours and varieties that make for delicious and interesting blends. This is especially tempting for those who like to try new flavours and have fun trying out and discover new things. Pure pleasure for the palate and so much better if the new discovery also has many positive effects. Like Pu-erh tea.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes with Tea | Start your day with a boost of energy

Smoothies are healthy and not only available ´made at home´. More and more cafés and hotels offer smoothies on their breakfast menus. Having a good selection of healthy foods and snacks, plays an important role for your customers. Whether you have a café, hotel, or beach bar, why not surprise your clients with a selection of healthy smoothies with tea ….

HORECA fair Fine Tea for Hotels Restaurants Caterers

HORECA fair present a fine tea selection for hotels, restaurants and caterers. Organic and biodegradable tea lines for the food service industry. Next in HORECA Ibiza exhibition with a fine tea selection for hotels, restaurants and caterers where Semper Tea presents its organic and biodegradable tea range from 18-20 March 2020. Organic teas to impress Horeca visitors.

Organic tea company exhibits at BIOFACH 2020

Semper Tea presents organic teas and solutions for hotels and restaurants. Businesses committed to organic products, meet again at the BIOFACH exhibition from 12-15 February 2020 in Nuremberg. This year Semper Tea presents its premium organic teas for the discerning tea connoisseur and the hospitality industry. Share their passion for organic food.

Best gift sets for tea lovers for him or her – The detail lies in the taste

Best gift sets for tea lovers for him or her. The detail lies in the taste. Premium selection of organic teas. Luxury gift set with teas from the world. This is the perfect gift to enjoy a large variety of teas. Semper Tea will inspire you. Our luxury offer includes the wooden chest with all of our 12 tea varieties. Did we help you find the ideal tea gift?

Tea solutions for Horeca – How to make the difference

Tea solutions for Horeca. How to make a difference with tea for your café. Tea supplier for the hospitality industry. How do you stand out from your competition serving tea in your café? Tea’s popularity is growing steadily – its taste and health benefits, the discovery of new flavours and the trendiness due to the increasingly appealing way it is presented.

Organic teas for coffee shops – We offer the ideal cup

Organic teas for coffee shops. We offer the ideal cup with Semper Tea. All those lovely coffee shops…The neighbour coffee shop, a new one, the one in that beautiful city that you visited in summer, that toast and that cup of tea. A coffee shop is a great place to relax, chat, to enjoy the crowd or have a quiet moment. Varieties of teas for different coffee shops.

Iced tea for coffee shops Perfect Tips and Recipes

Iced tea for coffee shops, perfect Tips and Recipes how to make your own iced tea, it´s sounds very simple, and in fact it is, but it’s not as easy as pouring your hot tea over ice. You can mix and match teas and flavorings in infinite combinations to keep things exciting. Now it’s summer, so go sit on a cafeteria with a chilled, sweet pitcher of tea…

Best Gin and Tea Cocktails for bars Gin Tonic & Earl Grey

Give your gin tonics a special touch with Gin and Earl Grey Tea from Semper Tea. Earl Grey – an innovative classic. A new way of enjoying organic black tea: in cocktails. The joys of cocktails with gin shine all year long, but they’re best suited to spring and summertime. Can’t make it to any of the bars serving these great gin drinks with tea?

Tea for Caterings – The History of Catering Services

Significant part of any catering event is the appealing coffee and tea presentation. Introducing the right quality and varieties of tea and infusions at caterings is essential. Semper Tea offers fine and high quality organic teas for any catering event. Beautifully displayed in different sized tea chests, Semper Tea is an eye-catching presentation at any buffet and the ideal tea partner for your next catering.

Tea for Yacht Provisioning Catering Services on-board

Tea for Yacht Provisioning Catering Services on-board. Enjoy a cup of tea with the Foods and Beverages Provisioning for Yachts and Boats. Semper Tea is the ideal product to serve on the high seas with an elegant design. An ecological product, of high quality and with a hygienic, elegant and practical design. No artificial flavors or additives are added. Plus, all ingredients are 100% organic.

Organic tea and mindful eating – Feel good with Semper Tea

It is, in short, a new approach to eating that combines mindfulness and food. Mindfulness is the ability to pay full attention to the present moment. To be ‘in the moment’. It is about appreciating the nutrients of each food or beverage, …Knowing how to interact with food to feel better. Prepare and treat anything that we eat or drink consciously and be aware of the reasons why we do it.

Decaffeinated is not just caffeine free – tea the healthier alternative

No coffee is completely caffeine free. Healthy alternative tea: when caffeine-free is really caffeine-free. The need for caffeine-free tea is similar in the gastronomy. They should not be missing in the hospitality or hotel industry. Your guests will appreciate it in the in-room service. They would certainly enjoy a cup of caffeine free tea in their hotel room…

Tea solutions for hospitality industry at Fine Food Fair in Madrid 2019

From April 8 to 11 we hope to meet you in Madrid to share a cup of organic tea with you. Semper Tea’s main objective is to offer practical, elegant, exclusive and high-quality tea solutions for the hospitality industry. Make the tea service an experience for your customers. Fine selection of organic teas in pyramid bags biodegradable or classic sachets for hotels and restaurants.

Organic tea with honey a concentrated load of health against the flu

Organic tea with honey, if you want to give up the pharmaceutical bombs, then you have to fall back onto an old home remedy: tea with honey! The teabag fights the common cold. If you prefer to use a natural remedy in the case of a cold, a tea can do miracles. Use natural organic camomile tea. It is best to use natural organic camomile tea from Semper Tea.

Tea for gallery events at the presentation of the mystery painting by Lope

During the opening of this art event, the guests had the opportunity to taste Semper Tea while they enjoyed the creations of this artist. A beautiful cup of tea, complementing this creative encounter. Semper Tea will make the perfect company in this adventure. Dare to question your knowledge and try to decrypt the fascinating message of Lope Martínez Alario.

Tea and yoga what a perfect combination from the mat to the cup

Those who practice yoga with passion practice physical and mental awareness outside the studio as well. Probably the most important part is the right diet. The grip on the trendy drink ´tea´ is always right… the perfect addition to daily yoga in terms of health and mindfulness! After a morning yoga class, a cup of organic Semper Tea can certainly warm every yoga heart.

Organic Tea at the Fair BIOFACH Nuremberg With Chamber of Commerce Seville

We had the opportunity to exhibit our Semper Tea organic teas and infusions. Furthermore we had the chance to check out tea trends within the Horeca sector and meet with other companies. Under the Chamber of Commerce of Seville we participated with five companies from Seville at the Organic Food Fair BIOFACH in Nuremberg Germany in February 2019.

A cup of Tea for the Hotelroom in the west of Czech Republic

To make the destination even more attractive, Bed & Bike Prachatice offers our Semper tea line Coral Collection. Enjoy a cup of organic green tea in the morning, before going on a bike ride, or relax in the evening after a long day with an organic camomile tea – Semper Tea is at your reach, right in your hotel room.

Good water quality for tea – the importance when making a teapot

Not all palates are demanding. But if you are interested in learning what the perfect water quality for the perfect cup of tea is, please keep reading. However, only you know how your favourite tea tastes the best! Have you ever thought about everything that can influence the taste of a cup of tea? Often we prepare a cup of tea without thinking of small details.

Our Tea for HORECA Baleares 2019 Semper Tea takes course to Palma

In addition to the Cathedral of Santa María de Palma, the Bellver Castle and the Cape of Formentor, this February we will also be able to enjoy the 3rd edition of the HORECA Baleares 2019 in Palma de Mallorca, where Semper Tea will be present as an exhibitor. The HORECA Balearic 209 fair will take place on the Palma Arena fairground on 4, 5 and 6 February 2019.

Our Tea at HOGA fair in Nuremberg in Germany

Even though Semper Tea and art can go hand in hand, a comparison with Albrecht Dürer is a bit too big for us. However, a visit to his native workshop is always worthwhile! The HOGA FAIRE is the trade fair for the hotel, catering and hospitality industry and will take place from 13.-15. of January 2019 in Nuremberg and of course with Semper Tea.

Masala Chai with cookies, cakes or cup cakes – Surprise ingredient

Today we give you some delicious suggestions to use organic tea not only as a hot drink, but also as an ingredient. You can refine many recipes. Give free rein to your imagination and let yourself be surprised by the final creations. Today we give you a recipe idea with our black tea Chai from Semper Tea: Irresistible cheese tarts with chai for pre-Christmas dinner.

Why millennials LOVE TEA and do not get enough of the IN drink

Tea or coffee? Coffee or tea? They are aiming for: fresher, more natural, healthier and milder. These are qualities that make the millennials like tea so much – and that they miss in coffee. Tea is becoming a lifestyle drink for this generation and a real trend. A drink with which they identify themselves and through which they express their attitude towards life.

Enjoy Tea at CoWorking-Cafés A new business concept is conquering

The concept of the co-working café is as innovative as it is simple: It allows people space to work, give presentations, drink tea, meet friends or just have fun with the playstation. A place where you do not pay for drinks or snacks, but for the time you spend there. Semper Tea could also be the eye-catcher in your co-working café, where you can impress your guests and clients.

Meeting with Tea in Girona at the fair FORUM GASTRONOMIC 2018

Semper Tea will participate at the international event for the hospitality industry – the fair FORUM GASTRONOMIC in Girona. It’s an innovative event where our tea concepts will be presented to professionals. Every year thousands of visitors come to this fair which has the reputation of being one of the most important and prestigious within the European gastronomy.

Tea company in Prague Semper Tea goes to the golden heart of Europe

We descended the steepest and fastest metro stairs in Europe, climbed the roof of the Dancing House and entered the most beautiful library in the world … But, the most exciting was, without a doubt, to have our stand at the eighth international fair: FOR GASTRO & HOTEL. We could present our innovative and attractive tea concepts in Prague.

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