Tea for Yacht Provisioning Catering Services on-board

Tea for Yacht Provisioning Catering Services on-board. Next to a cup of Semper Tea we find our two sailors Mayte and Nils, while enjoying unique views towards the Marmaris Bay in Turkey.

Today they tell us the history of tea on the high seas and how a boat can be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of organic tea.

Tea for Foods and Beverages Provisioning for Yachts and Boats.

A cup of tea for the mariner - Tea on the high seas

A short marine history of tea

In Europe tea was probably first mentioned by Marco Polo in 1285 during his travels to China in relation to arbitrary taxes imposed by the Chinese ministry of finance. In these early times it was mainly transported by caravans which made the widespread use too expensive for the general population.
Although it was appreciated for it’s medicinal purposes, it took a while longer for this exotic drink called Chai to gain wide spread popularity.

The availability of tea in Europe for the broader public had to wait until the development of a functional marine trade route. The Portuguese already made the first contact with tea when their ships reached China in 1516 but it took until the early 17th century when the Dutch East India company brought tea to Amsterdam for tea to make its brake through into Europe. From there it was only a matter of time for it to spread to the various European colonies.

In America the transportation and taxation of tea had such an importance that the events following the “Boston Tea Party” led to the war for independence from England.

Tea for on-board catering services for yachts and boats

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A cup of tea for the mariner – Tea on the high seas

Tea was widely transported by the ships but its consumption also gained increasing acceptance by their crews. The cup of tea became a much cherished stimulating drink on these transport ships and spreading from there by exchanging crews and word of mouth onto any seagoing vessel.
To have a hot ‘brew’ during a long night watch often made the difference and let the watch keeper carry on for longer and in more comfort.

Tea has gained so much importance on some ships that they even developed their own brands, especially with the invention of ‘water makers’ or desalinators. Some mariners argued that the water they produce would require their own special type of tea to accommodate the difference in water salinity.

Tea for Yacht Provisioning catering Services

How tea supply by ships changed to tea supply for yachts – A sailor´s delight

The delight of a sailorGastronomy on the high seas.

Mayte and Nils tell us about their experience as navigators: “As sailors in the process of a world circumnavigating we encounter several different types of lovely teas. From the brews coming of the green hills of Malaysia´s Cameron highlands to the Turkish Chai, we love every country’s special way of preparing this drink.”

At the end of the day though it is a cup of organic Semper Tea that we have been watching the sunset from the back deck after a hard day of sailing that we enjoy most. Yacht catering suppliers can supply your dream journey with everything from fresh produce, delicatessen to beautiful organic Semper Tea.

A short marine history of tea

Catering on board: a selection of Tea perfect for boat trips

Semper Tea is the ideal product to serve on the high seas. With an elegant design, it is the best optionfor on-board catering services for yachts, catamarans and boats. An ecological product, of high quality and with a hygienic, elegant and practical design. No artificial flavors or additives are added. Plus, all ingredients are 100% organic.

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Catering on board: a selection of Tea perfect for boat trips

Tea for Yacht Provisioning Services

We have tried all the flavours of Semper Tea´s eye catching line Coral Collection. We enjoy them all, not just for their quirky and attractive designs but also for their high tea quality. Rich and full body flavours for their black teas, smooth and delicate the herbal and green teas. It´s hard to pick a favourite tea – it depends on the weather, our mood and time of the day.

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