Tea for Care Catering Where nutrition & food quality are top priorities

Tea for Care Catering, where nutrition & food quality are top priorities. Our children, grandparents, parents, young, elderly or sick, are often in specialised facilities where they receive the service or care they need.

Be it in schools, hospitals, day care centres… places where people´s health is important and therefore healthy and nutritious food a high priority.

If the nursery your child attends has chosen Care Catering for the children’s lunches and teas, you can be sure that your child is receiving the best and that the nursery has made a commitment to nutritional excellence.

Care Catering delivers health & qualityCare Home Catering delivers health & quality

Companies specialised in catering services for these establishments fall into the area of Care Catering. Their food concept is based on serving balanced and healthy nutrition without neglecting the special needs of individual groups.

Care catering companies serve hospitals, colleges, companies, retirement homes, kindergartens, etc. and they usually are demanding when it comes to the right menu composition.

They must take into account the peculiarities and nutritional needs of people and provide a variety that fits the culinary needs of each individual. In addition, the food must be healthy, varied and high quality.



Teatime treats - Our grandma already knew thatTeatime treats – Our grandma already knew that

As older people tend to have less of an appetite, it’s so important to offer regular snack and drinks, like tea, to avoid the dehydration and ensure they are getting their daily intake of calories.

It is recommended that residents should be offered a hot drink and snack mid-morning, for afternoon tea and at bedtime. That is why the quality of the tea is so important.

Snacking suggestions include scones, doughnuts, biscuits, custard tart, soft cheese or jam sandwiches, malt loaf and custard tart, along with a piece of fruit and always a good cup of organic tea.



A premium cup of organic tea for care cateringHow important is a cup of tea on the menu?

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world and has many health-promoting aspects: it can reduce stress, lower high blood pressure, make you feel relaxed…

Start the day with tea and granola cereals in the breakfast buffet
Organic tea with honey a concentrated load of health against the flu



How important is a cup of tea on the nursery menuA premium cup of organic tea

Within the care catering industry balanced and healthy nutrition is a priority and therefore it is important to offer high quality, organic tea.

Semper Tea offers a fine selection of premium organic teas that fit perfectly into the care catering concept of health and wellbeing. Our biodegradable tea pyramids are individually packaged in attractive designs and guarantee the hygienic aspect and easy handling.

Discover the variety of our tea lines for patients, children, students, senior citizens, and company staff, and complement your healthy menu with premium organic tea from Semper Tea.

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