Tea banquet From the sausage to the five star catering service

Tea banquet From the sausage to the five star catering service. Catering became not only widely used but also grew in quality and specialization. Many 5 star equivalent catering companies established themselves and long gone is the humble cocktail sausage paired with cheesy bites and stabbed with a tooth pick from the stage of professional catering.

Four different groups of events in need of catering have established themselves since those early days:

tea for corporate catering buffet semper tea

Corporate catering

From informal office meetings to large international events the bandwidth is mind boggling.

It´s a type of service for business events where companies promote B2B and B2C relationship between them and the clients.

The caterers hired for such an event must be trained in formal etiquette. The décor must be elegant and sophisticated and the tableware is usually impeccable. Special attention is paid to food and beverages to provide healthier and better options than regular catering. Style and quality of food are essential here.

Some caterers also offer a special type of food like low-carb meals, organic or vegan-friendly.

tea banquet semper tea

Social Event Catering

The birthday party, the celebration of a special moment in life, the cocktail party or the backyard barbecue: nothing is too small to attract the interest of the right caterer.

Social events cover a wide range of events and food. Appetizers, bartenders and balloons are just some of what you might see catered at events like these.

tea for corporate catering buffet semper tea

Concession Catering

Big sporting events, concerts, openings or political functions.

Where you will find lots of people, you will always find catered food and beverage.

To plan this event needs a professional caterer to make sure you have all the right menu choices for your spectators.

Here you will find all the crowd favorites from hot dogs and hamburgers to chili cheese fries and ice cream, beer, coffee and tea.

Wedding Catering

From the special guests to the bride and groom: catering has a huge impact on this special day and can incorporate everything that is related to the planning and design of this life changing moment.

A service like that delivered by Ambrosia Wedding & Events in Spain. Using the magic of the Andalusian landscape, architecture, cuisine and flair, Anna transforms this moment to an event that is romantic, warm and unforgettable.

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A significant part of any catering event is the appealing coffee and tea presentation. Therefore, introducing the right quality and varieties of tea and infusions at caterings is essential.

Semper Tea offers fine and high quality organic teas for any catering event. Beautifully displayed in different sized tea chests, Semper Tea is an eye-catching presentation at any buffet and the ideal tea partner for your next catering.

tea for social event catering buffet wedding events semper tea

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