Tea and yoga what a perfect combination from the mat to the cup

Tea and yoga what a perfect combination from the mat to the cup. Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini or Ashtanga Yoga. What sounds like fantasy words for some, makes the other fanatic. Yoga has become one of the biggest trend imports in recent years. From the USA, wild-patterned yoga pants and a wide variety of yoga styles slosh over to us.

The orange and white yoga outfit of the 80s and the strongly scented incense sticks were banished.

tea and yoga what a perfect combination miriam aguilar semper tea

Yoga and tea: From the mat to the cup!

Those who practice yoga with passion practice physical and mental awareness outside the studio as well. Probably the most important part is the right diet. The grip on the trendy drink ´tea´ is always right… the perfect addition to daily yoga in terms of health and mindfulness!

yoga and tea from the mat to the cup miriam aguilar semper tea

Practice special mindfulness: Jivamukti Yoga as trend style of the stars

Jivamukti Yoga is known as the ´trend style of the famous´. It is a complex style that sees itself as a path to enlightenment through compassion towards all beings.

hatha vinyasa kundalini or ashtanga yoga miriam aguilar semper tea

The only Jivamukti teacher in Andalusia

In Europe, there are few yoga studios that train Jivamukti through well-trained teachers. One of them is very close to our Semper Tea Team: As the only Jivamukti teacher in Andalusia, the studio of Miriam Aguilar in Seville offers a very special holiday experience for all yoga- and Spain- enthusiasts!

Even for travellers always worth a visit!

intensify the effects of yoga with semper tea miriam aguilar semper tea

Intensify the effects of yoga with Semper Tea

After a morning yoga class, a cup of organic green Semper Tea can certainly warm every yoga heart. Green tea not only hydrates very well, it also continues what has already started on the mat… it stimulates blood circulation and its antioxidants stimulate detoxification.

Other varieties such as organic camomile Semper Tea are soothing, calming and support a balanced lifestyle.

pay attention to the tea selection miriam aguilar semper tea

Tea selection with organic label

You should definitely pay attention to the tea selection and the organic label of the EU. This is the only way to be sure that no remnants of pesticides and insecticides will end up in the cup and therefore in your body. This is the same for nature.

The organic seal of Semper Tea guarantees a gentle tea cultivation, in which the life cycles of nature are preserved.

the only jivamukti teacher in andalusia miriam aguilar semper tea

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