Tea for offices – The ideal beverage during a business meeting

After this meeting I will need a cup of tea…..Discussions, pros and cons, decisions or compromises … A meeting in the business environment can be a very intense activity and successful teamwork sometimes needs a break.

Semper Tea, a tea company for hotels, restaurants and catering, would like to present a way to you that enhances your wellbeing during moments of relaxation and might help with finding new ideas and inspiration.

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Sip by sip solutions with a cup of tea

Often meetings require a lot of concentration and our brains fire on high levels. To find a new approach, a so far undiscovered path, a win/win compromise we might need a break, a time out, a moment to see a solution from a different angle.

A soothing cup of organic tea might just be providing this important moment. Sips of relaxation to improve concentration, to clear the mind and continue with renewed energy.

Like a box stop in a Formula one race we might come back to the race with a mind that will allow us to be more productive and make better decisions.

Fresh and attentive during a meeting with a cup of tea

Tea different to coffee has special characteristics or bio availability. The polyphenols generally contained in this beverage cause the theine (instead of caffeine) to stimulate us in a slower but more durable way than other caffeinated beverages. This means that we will find ourselves fresh and attentive during the whole meeting, being able to perform better and last the distance.

As a big plus, L-theanine contained in most if our teas is an anti-stress amino acid that promotes concentration and helps to focus the mind, improving our decision making.

try organic chai with ginger from semper tea hurtado estates

Try a cup of organic Chai from Semper Tea with ginger

Ginger is used for many medicinal purposes but the benefits in our business environment are the increasing of energy levels and benefits to concentration. That should help to the revitalise our spirits.

It is worth mentioning that each of our tea flavours have different additional properties. Some have opposing qualities like sooting and calming without the theine and the previously described effects. Perfect to help us relax and sleep after a successful meeting.

If you want to find out more about the different properties of each tea follow the Semper Tea Blog and our social networks.

Semper Tea, supplier and wholesaler of tea and infusions, can facilitate your journey into the world of tea, health & wellness.

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The best customer experience is achieved with a cup of Semper Tea

The real estate agency Hurtado Estates has shown that the relationship with a client does not have to be stressful and serious. Welcoming the client with a glass of water, coffee and tea service is the first and most simple way to break the ice.

What a better way to do it than with a cup of Semper Tea?

Making important decisions – like buying a house or an apartment on the Costa del Sol – takes time. A precious time to reflect, evaluate and communicate.

Do you have a tea supplier for hotels and offices?

Make it easy – Semper tea offers a fine selection of high quality organic teas in biodegradable pyramid bags, packaged individually and presented elegantly in different sized wooden tea chests.

We thank the professional team Hurtado Estates for having trusted our Semper Tea teas and infusions.
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What do you usually drink in the office?

Do you need advice in choosing the flavours of teas and infusions for your establishment or office?

Whether to buy black teas, green teas, matcha, red tea, white tea, or infusions such as rooibos, herbal tea, peppermint or camomile.

Sometimes we might enjoy a good cup of tea at home but find the process of making a tea from loose leaf tea in the office or work environment to cumbersome.

during a meeting with a cup of tea hurtado estates semper tea

How to make a great cup of tea in the office?

Is it possible to have a good cup of tea in the office? The answer is yes, of course: with a Semper Tea pyramid bag biodegradable, a kettle and preferably a thin porcelain cup the taste and experience of loose leaf tea can be achieved or surpassed.

Heat the water until boiling and then let it cool to the required temperature. Each tea requires a different water temperature.

A green or white tea needs a temperature of 70-75 degrees. Black teas, red and infusions 95-100 degrees. Steep according to suggestion and personal taste. Voila! A great cup of tea.

Semper Tea has a selection of very good quality organic teas. They can be used for a whole smallish teapot and the same pyramid bag can even be re-infused on the same day for a second cup.

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