Start the day with tea and granola cereals in the breakfast buffet

Tea and granola cereals for a breakfast buffet, start the day with a good breakfast with Semper Tea and granola La Newyorkina.

Wake up and get out of bed. Breakfast time. Many times we find ourselves caught in the routine and in an accelerated rhythm of life, and we do not dedicate the necessary time to this meal. Let’s not forget that it is the most important meal of the day.

Today, Semper Tea offers you some tips to enjoy the healthiest breakfast. You can prepare it in a few minutes. Eating healthy will not take time, and you can feel it throughout the day.

Do not forget that when you start the day taking care of yourself, the routine of everyday life becomes more interesting with a more productive you.

benefits of a cup of tea in the morning semper tea

All the benefits of a cup of tea in the morning

In both tea lines from Semper Tea (Coral Collection and Pearl Collection) you can find the type of tea or infusion that you like and that will help you start the day the way you want.

Each infusion or tea has specific characteristics and properties. Discover which one offers what you are looking for and customise your mornings and enjoy a beautiful taste and quality.

Although each tea or infusion may offer something different, they also all have properties in common. It is a very beneficial beverage for our body.
It helps you stay hydrated, can improve the health of your skin, helps you stay focused, improves digestion….

In Semper Tea´s blog you can read different posts about each type of tea and its properties:

natural granola to complete your breakfast semper tea

100% natural granola to complete your breakfast

And what about food? What do you think of a bowl of artisan and delicious granola?

Today we are talking about the Newyorkina granola varieties! Enjoy them as you like, with yoghurt, kefir, fruit, milk….

The original granola recipe fused with our Mediterranean products. A crunchy Mediterranean granola, made by hand with natural ingredients.

benefits of a cup of tea in the morning semper tea

Listen to your body and feel good

These are ways to offer your body what you need, consuming beneficial products consciously. It is necessary to take a breath, dedicate a moment to ourselves and tune into the rhythm of our life.

Relax with a good cup of organic Semper Tea and enjoy your day.

Do you want to read more about mindfulness or mindfoodness? We recently published an entry about it where we explain what it is and why it is beneficial for our physical and mental health. Read more about it here.

enjoy a earl grey with gin semper tea

Tea supplier for hotels, restaurants and cafes

Find out about our tea concepts and products on our Semper Tea website. Maybe you will find the decisive inspiration for your business idea with us!

Semper Tea is well-known as a tea supplier for hotels, restaurants and cafes but also of fine food shops.

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