Selected tea that makes the difference for your hotel buffet

Make a difference for your hotel buffet – Semper Tea gives you the key. Whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or supplying food for a special event, many choose a buffet due its ease and visual attractiveness.

What a buffet offers, its contents, presentation and design are key elements – all working together to create more than its sums. It means a food experience to enthuse the customer.

For many guests planning to enjoy a relaxing and comforting stay in a hotel some of the deciding factors can be the lure of a beautiful breakfast buffet.

Coffee and tea station for breakfast buffet in Hotels Semper tea

But how should a buffet look like? And how should it be presented?

– Healthy and varied

There is nothing better than finding a variety of fresh and healthy foods and products at a buffet.

Without sacrificing taste, quality and variety, the aim is to offer nutritious and enriching combinations. The clients will feel good, acknowledging the possibility of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They will make you feel well cared for and taken care of.

You are looking for an Horeca tea supplies, ask your coffee and tea supplier for organic teas from Semper Tea – they will stand out from the crowd.

In addition, Semper Tea also fits with the new trends: mindfoodness, real food and fitness. Your buffet is always up to date!

Read more about conscious eating: Organic products and conscious eating – an ideal combination.

high tea suggestions for hotel buffet Semper tea

– Relaxed and friendly

A smile makes a world of a difference. It is essential to convey to the customer that your breakfast buffet area is a place where you can disconnect and feel good. These are essential characteristics of the hospitality sector.

A great start to the day is a tasty and healthy breakfast buffet accompanied by a cup of organic tea to soak in the relaxed atmosphere.

Welcome your client wholeheartedly with an open smile and make him feel ´at home´.

Let you be inspired by Semper Tea, the tea suppliers for hotel factory – we would love to assist you in selecting special organic teas for your hotel.

Tea inspiration for the gastronomy, get a tea selection that should not be missed at the coffee and tea station in any breakfast buffet, whether Continental, American or English.

leading tea brand for hospitality suppliers for horeca Semper tea

– Comfortable and efficient

Think about optimising the flow process at the buffet. It is important that comfort is noticeable. The client must be able to access your buffet easily, without hindrance or excessive interruptions.

Finest Tea for hotels, restaurants and caterers, Semper Tea is a premium tea supplier offering efficient, practical and stylish tea solutions. Presented in wooden tea chests and tea displays in various formats, specially designed for the hotel and catering industry.

The high quality tea suggestions and the attractive design make Semper Tea an eye-catching presentation at any buffet – ideal for hotels, catering events, meetings and conferences where the buffet presentation is also a critical component.

– Original and fun

Turn your buffet into a surprise. Do not let it be boring – add some variety. Offer original products and combinations, present the buffet in an imaginative way and make it a great experience.

With Semper Tea you would add new elements: different presentations, innovative dispensers … Knowing where to purchase your tea for your hotel gives you a certain calmness and reliability.

Finest Tea for hotels restaurants and caterers Semper tea

What does Semper Tea offer for your hotel or catering buffet?

Semper Tea is clearly an ideal choice for your buffet.

We offer prime quality organic tea, and if you want to buy tea sets for the easy start with a new innovative tea line, Semper Tea is the right Horeca Partner for your business. By serving it in your hotel or catering buffet, you are presenting a healthy and premium product for your clients.

Let your clients know that you care about their well-being.

With various tea lines and formats customised for the hospitality industry, for hotel, gastro and catering, Semper Tea clearly marks a difference for any buffet. It is an offering tea solutions which are elegant, easy to handle and premium quality.

Visit our tea online shop and discover our two tea lines:

Semper Tea is well-known as a tea supplier for hotels, restaurants and cafes but also of fine food shops.

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