Organic teas for coffee shops – We offer the ideal cup

Organic teas for coffee shops. We offer the ideal cup with Semper Tea.

All those lovely coffee shops…The neighbour coffee shop, a new one, the one in that beautiful city that you visited in summer, that toast and that cup of tea.

A coffee shop is a great place to relax, chat, to enjoy the crowd or have a quiet moment.

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Varieties of teas for different coffee shops

Each coffee shop is different. There are many concepts and environments: classic, alternative, hipster, vintage, beach café

But they all have something in common: they are places full of life, designed for enjoyment and can have a healthy side to it.
You can enjoy a cup of organic tea to accompany a good breakfast, a snack, that little sweet treat … All the benefits of an organic tea at your fingertips for a moment of enjoyment and relaxation.

Varieties teas for different coffee shops horeca partner semper tea

It is not necessary to set up a tea shop to offer good quality tea

Our commitment is to become and stay your trusted tea supplier.

At Semper Tea we have a commitment to health and well-being and we care about conscious and healthy eating.

Specifically, tea can bring countless benefits and our commitment is to offer a premium organic product.

not necessary to set up tea shop to offer good quality tea sempertea

Serve a cup of tea in a different way

The rituals in a coffee shop: a get together, cups of tea, lipstick marks in white cups, remains of sugar in the bottom of the cup, background noise, a conversation, laughs… Friends catching up, having a great time together and enjoying a wonderful cup of tea.

Offer that wonderful experience to your client. The relaxed atmosphere of your coffee shop, the perfect place to enjoy with friends and the best product to live it to the fullest: a good cup of organic tea.

Serve a cup of tea in different way horeca wholesaler semper tea

Premium tea lines ideal for the hospitality industry

Semper Tea offers different premium tea lines, ideal for horeca suppliers.

We know which are the preferred tea flavours in coffee shops and the advantage of offering an extensive tea menu.

Semper Tea is the ideal tea brand for your coffee shop: premium organic tea with customised tea display solutions, adapted to your hospitality business.

Semper Tea is a supplier of organic teas and tea solutions for the Horeca Channel customised to the needs of your café, coffee shop or establishment. Discover our organic tea lines Pearl Collection and Coral Collection and let yourself be surprised.

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Premium tea lines ideal for hospitality industry hotel gastro semper tea

How to make a great cup of tea in the coffee shop?

Is it possible to have a good cup of tea in the coffee shop? The answer is yes, of course: with a Semper Tea pyramid bag biodegradable, a kettle and preferably a thin porcelain cup the taste and experience of loose leaf tea can be achieved or surpassed.

Heat the water until boiling and then let it cool to the required temperature. Each tea requires a different water temperature.

A green or white tea needs a temperature of 70-75 degrees. Black teas, red and infusions 95-100 degrees. Steep according to suggestion and personal taste. Voila! A great cup of tea.

Semper Tea has a selection of very good quality organic teas. They can be used for a whole smallish teapot and the same pyramid bag can even be re-infused on the same day for a second cup.

Never forget that tea of good quality does not necessarily need the addition of sugar or sweetener. Without, the consumption is even healthier. Click To Tweet

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