Organic tea with honey a concentrated load of health against the flu

Organic tea with honey a concentrated load of health against the cold and flu

Wintertime is the time for colds. Everyone knows that.

It usually starts with a slight scratch in the throat and as soon as you know, a strong cold ties you to the bed.

Until the first summer months, viruses and bacteria have high season. Even the largest household pharmacy promises little relief here.

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Organic tea with honey

If you want to give up the pharmaceutical bombs, then you have to fall back onto an old home remedy: tea with honey!

camomile tea soothes irritated throat inhibits inflammation relieves pain semper tea naturdis

The teabag fights the common cold

If you prefer to use a natural remedy in the case of a cold, a tea can do miracles.

Camomile tea is especially good. In almost all diseases of the respiratory tract the tea promises relief.

Camomile tea soothes the irritated throat, inhibits inflammation and relieves pain. Its essential oils and phytochemicals help to fight off bacteria and viruses!

ready prepared fight against every cold tea infusions organic cafeteria semper tea naturdis

Use natural organic camomile tea

It is best to use natural organic camomile tea from Semper Tea.

Gentle cultivation and gentle processing of the tea leaves ensure that all the natural properties are preserved – so full power against cold & co.!

Only tea with the organic seal assures that no residues of pesticides and fertilizers end up in your cup.

tea honey concentrated load health fighting against cold flu semper tea naturdis

A small spoon of honey – a big step against bacteria & company

Honey acts like a natural antibiotic. Its proteins, enzymes and phytochemicals are used against numerous bacteria. Mainly against an irritating cough, the ‘liquid gold’ proves to be a reliable natural alternative.

Like a thin film, the honey covers your irritated mucous membranes. This prevents coughing attacks and simultaneously protects against further germs.

teabag fights common cold tea infusions organic gastronomy semper tea naturdis

Also for honey: organic is better!

And again, also for honey: organic is better!

If you not only want to pay attention to your health, but also want to get the full taste, we recommend the 100% organic blossom honey from NATURDIS.

This honey is being produced in areas where there is a large amount of different types of flowers at the beginning of the season.

full power against cold tea infusions organic hospitality semper tea naturdis

With a cup of tea it reminds of wild flowers and moist wood

Until late in the summer, when the eucalyptus blossoms, the bees use the many natural sources of nectar.

Only then, the honey is gently collected and smoothly processed. Its aroma is intense, mixed with a cup of tea it reminds of wild flowers and moist wood.

Ready and prepared to fight against every cold!

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