Organic tea and mindful eating – Feel good with Semper Tea

Organic tea and mindful eating – Feel good with Semper Tea, some call it conscious eating, others call it “mindfoodness” … let’s talk a little bit about what these concepts really are.

Organic tea and conscious eating - Feel good with Semper Tea

Conscious eating or Practice Mindful Eating

It is, in short, a new approach to eating that combines mindfulness and food.

Mindfulness is the ability to pay full attention to the present moment, to be ‘in the moment’. Using this approach while eating, means absolute awareness of what we eat and how we eat.

The aim is to be aware of sensations created by consistency, taste, smell, temperature and even the process of chewing and swallowing: pay total attention to what and how we consume. This will improve our choices of what we eat and therefore make us feel better.

Currently, our accelerated pace of life means that we do not have time to cook, to prepare food and select them carefully. Frequently we turn to processed foods that are not beneficial for us and we eat many times by routine or custom, without paying attention to how we are recharging our energy levels.

The way we relate to food with what we drink and eat

“Sometimes it’s easy for many of us non-farming, non-producing folks to forget our food doesn’t just come nicely packed from supermarkets. I have a HUGE admiration for the people who get up early every day, who look after their animals with care, and who grow our fruit and vegetables with love. All of this means I have amazing and tasty produce in my kitchen. Organic farming layers an extra component and challenge on top of this. Organic means fewer pesticides, fewer antibiotics, no GM and always free range.” by  

Conscious eating promotes an improvement in the way we relate to food, with what we drink and eat. It is not about a specific diet, not about eating less, or about forcing yourself to consume certain types of food.

It rather is about eating in a more rational, less automated way and it’s about listening to your body, its needs and promoting self-control and self-knowledge.

Organic tea and mindful conscious eating Semper Tea

A healthier relationship with the foods we eat

This phenomenon seeks to teach us to listen to internal signals sent out at all times by our body, it also teaches us that we should not ignore the pleasure that food can provide.

In the same way, eating well should not mean suffering and forcing oneself to take measures of which we are not convinced because they might just not be fun.

First we must know what our body really demands and later assume control over the stimuli and the needs.

The needs of our body

Consequently, conscious eating would provide us with the ability to adjust what we eat to the needs of our body, without depriving ourselves of pleasant moments.

It is about appreciating the nutrients of each food or beverage, assessing them, experimenting, allowing yourself moments of pleasure … Knowing how to interact with food to feel better. Prepare and treat anything that we eat or drink consciously and be aware of the reasons why we do it.

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“Eating as mindfully as we do on retreat or in a mindfulness course is not realistic for many of us, especially with families, jobs, and the myriad distractions around us. This is not to mention that our friends, family and colleagues might not have the patience to eat with us as we take five minutes with each bite. So have some self-compassion, and consider formal mindful eating on retreat and special occasions, as well as informal mindful eating in your daily life.” 6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating By Christopher Willard

healthier relationship with the tea we trink conscious eating Semper Tea

An innovative and effective method to take care of our diet

In the same way many experts affirm that conscious eating means enjoying food more it also could be a very effective measure to avoid and prevent health problems such as obesity or eating disorders.

As we know it is a cognitive, behavioural and emotional training that helps us to eat better by controlling internal and external signals. They are very different skills that are acquired: recognize the satiety of the body, modulate the speed of food intake, differentiate psychological hunger from physiological, etc.

Out of habit we know that is a journey and the journey is the destination, a process that can require patience, but as a lifestyle it is highly beneficial. For physical and emotional wellbeing.

organic teas designed for HORECA channel mindfull conscious eating Semper Tea

Conscious eating according to Silvia Bordón

Today we present you the blog of Silvia Bordón. She is an expert in Conscious Eating and Meditation, Nutrition and Ayurveda Massage.

She tells us that organic products can be a good example of conscious eating.

When we buy organic, we know where the produce comes from and have a better idea how they interact with our organism, we think before consuming what we are going to acquire, and we know that it can be beneficial for us.

“This is how my idea was born of accompanying people to become aware of their eating habits in order to live in coherence, develop a full health, giving the body the vital energy it needs to function and have quality of life. Everything is energy, also food¨ says Silvia Bordón.

Tea designed for the HORECA channel

This also stands for us as a tea company. We believe in delivering products that are grown with as little environmental impact as possible and still allow for a healthy and tasty mindful experience.

Our organic teas are designed for the HORECA channel. HORECA stands for hotels, restaurants and food service businesses.

At Semper Tea we have listened to our clients, hotel, café and restaurant owners, and for example have changed our pyramidal teabags into biodegradable material.

Celebrate the present moment with an organic cup of tea of Semper Tea, which is full of vitality.

pyramidal teabags in biodegradable material conscious eating Semper Tea

Recipes and lifestyle: the blog of Silvia Bordón

In her blog Silvia Bordón talks about this interesting way of life, shares vegan recipes and encourages you to take this path towards health.

Here she tells us about rooibos tea and its properties.

“It is rather an infusion, and has attributed medicinal properties. It is native to South Africa and is obtained from the fermentation of the leaves of a reddish shrub, hence its red colour. It can also be consumed green, with a milder flavour. An infusion of red rooibos has many benefits, among them can help to relieve headaches and falling asleep; It can improve asthma and hypertension. Being an infusion, it is free of caffeine and has a low content of tannins…. which makes the rooibos infusion one of the best healthy drinks. “According to Silvia Bordón

Semper Tea is a tea supplier in the gastronomic and hotel sector and is mainly known as for its luxurious and striking tea packaging, but it also has a place in gourmet or delicatessen shops.

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