Healthy office snacks for staff with tea and fruit delivery

Healthy office snacks for staff with tea and fruit delivery. In recent years more businesses offer free tea and fresh fruit as an healthy office snacks for their staff. A very common service by Northern European companies, that begins to spread to many other countries. A healthy office model.

Why develop a healthy workplace framework with tea and fruit

Offering good quality tea and fresh fruit every week, can greatly improve staff performance within your company. The tea and fruit delivery can be the solution.

a healthy kick tea and fruit in the office semper tea


A boost with fresh fruit

You can offer any type of fruit to your staff or employee as a healthy office snack and alternative. It provides vitamins and minerals that help control the level of stress in the body, improves mood, memory and concentration.

A healthy kick

Vitamin C is what we need to replenish in stressful situations. Oranges are full of vitamin C and so are kiwis, grapes, strawberries, papayas and persimmons.


a healthy kick tea and fruit in the office semper tea


A handful of blueberries

All purple foods contain anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants that help form serotonin and dopamine. Add a handful of blueberries to your yoghurt to help improve your mood and memory.

Bananas – healthy filler

Bananas provide potassium, which helps to reduce blood pressure and tryptophan and if they are not quite ripe, they contain prebiotic starch, which feeds the bacteria that regenerates the intestinal flora.

How workers health affects the enterprise.


here is a healthy alternative why not trying teas and infusions semper tea

Keep up your fluids at your workplace with tea

Tea in the office, keeping hydrated during work is very important as our body is composed of around 70% of water. This should make us aware of the importance of maintaining correct hydration levels that ensure our well-being.

Drinking only water might become a bit boring and there could be the risk of consuming soft drinks for a change, which contain a lot of sugar and do not help the body at all.

healthy office snacks for employee with tea and fruit delivery semper tea

Here is a healthy office alternative: why not trying teas and infusions?

A good cup of organic tea can be a great option to keep your fluids up in the office. You can enjoy a wide range of varieties of teas and different flavours and it has equally numerous benefits.

workplaces boost staff satisfaction with free tea and fruit semper tea


5 reasons to find a tea supplier for your company


  1. is rich in antioxidants. They delay the aging process in our body, regenerate and repair cells.
  2. decreases blood pressure and blood clot formation.
  3. helps strengthen the immune system.
  4. is good for the memory – the most beneficial one is green tea.
  5. helps to burn fat – a good partner for exercise.


Increased health and motivation means better performance

Every business needs motivated staff to manage and handle daily challenges and tasks. Offering a free tea service can keep productivity and employee satisfaction up.
If you are working in the Human Resources Department or are responsible for service purchases within your company – contact Semper Tea. We would be delighted to provide your business with organic, high quality tea to boost health and satisfaction of your staff.
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