Green Tea for a Sushi Restaurant Best beverage to accompany sushi

Green Tea for a Sushi Restaurant. Tea best beverage to accompany sushi. A cup of tea to go with your Sushi. The best beverage to accompany sushi: a cup of Semper Tea.

An Asian dinner with that yummy Japanese delicacy: sushi. It’s not only about the food, it’s also about the experience, the flavours, the friend who is still a bit awkward with the use of chopsticks … A meal to enjoy with good company and laughter.

Between bits of maki, nigiri and some california roll you will also have to drink something … But what is the ideal drink when you have sushi?

So… what is Sushi?
For most people it is raw fish, star dish of Japanese cuisine, but is it that simple? Not at all. Sushi is actually a way to prepare rice, not raw fish with accompaniment … In fact, sushi always carries rice but it does not have to carry fish. Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan and one of the most popular among Japanese, who enjoy sushi on special occasions. And as such, it was evolved outside that country, influenced by different Western cultures, especially in USA. That is why many of the different types of sushi have denomination of localities of USA (California roll, New York roll, etc.)

In this post we´ll tell you everything you need about the traditional beverage to enjoy sushi: tea, and we´ll talk about a very special partnership.

A cup of tea to go with your Sushi semper tea

Tea sips and sushi snacks at Miss Sushi

What type of beverage is most appropriate to enhance the flavour of raw fish and the sauces that accompany sushi?

Many connoisseurs say that soft and refreshing drinks that are not too sweet are ideal. A cold sugar-free tea fits this description perfectly.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that you can now have your Semper Tea cup at the renowned Miss Sushi restaurants. It is a joy for us that Miss Sushi has opted for the quality and flavours of Semper Tea to offer an unparalleled product to its customers.

We invite you to consider tea as an accompanying beverage on your next visit to Miss Sushi, perhaps you will be surprised how well it combines with this Asian dish.

Enjoy Semper Tea at Miss Sushi restaurants

What Tea is served at Sushi Restaurants?

And to make it even easier, we bring you some recommendations so that you can enjoy our tea accompanied by some of the successes of the restaurant.

Vegetable is a roll wrapped in rice paper with avocado, tomato, cucumber, asparagus … an ideal choice for a light, healthy and delicious meal, especially if you accompany it with a cup of green tea.

The Dragon has become one of the favourites of Miss Sushi regulars, discover why this inverted roll of rice and nori seaweed with shrimp and asparagus tempura causes a sensation.

The Ten is able to satisfy even the most gourmet palates thanks to its scallops, its truffle mayonnaise and its ikura caviar, which will be enhanced with the tea of your choice.

In the end, everything depends on choosing what we like the most. The important thing is that you enjoy the flavour and the moment.

The best beverage to accompany sushi: a cup of Semper Tea

The classic & sushi: green tea

Although we talk about the classic beverage to accompany sushi, it is inevitable to mention it: green tea.

Starting with a cup of green tea before eating sushi has a refreshing effect on your palate and improves the fine taste. It has an astringent effect that cuts the fat off the food, so to speak, it cleans our mouths to let us taste a different, even tastier sushi.

However, not all types of green tea are equally suitable for the ideal experience.

At Semper Tea we recommend the green tea from our tea line: Coral Collection. Pure and organic green tea, the highest quality for your cup.

Do you want to find out more about green tea? In this article you can discover curiosities about this traditional beverage

Tea sips and sushi snacks at Miss Sushi semper tea

Enjoy Semper Tea at Miss Sushi restaurants

In short, if you love tea and you consider yourself an authentic Sushi-Lover, do not wait any longer and visit your closest Miss Sushi to taste this exquisite combination.

A restaurant with the best service for the best experience!

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