Decaffeinated is not just caffeine free – tea the healthier alternative

Decaffeinated is not just caffeine-free: why tea often is the healthier alternative to coffee

What gets us out of bed in the morning is rather undesirable at other times: strong caffeinated coffee.

In the evening, for example, in a restaurant after a nice dinner, the decision to order decaffeinated coffee is made out of fear … because caffeine could prevent us from sleeping.

For sensitive people, such as the elderly or pregnant women, decaffeinated coffee is often considered a safe option.

Time to read the fine print here again!

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A minor detail? Decaffeinated does not mean free of caffeine

Even if both terms are often used interchangeably: decaffeinated does not mean that it is caffeine-free.

No coffee is completely caffeine free.

About ten percent of the caffeine content of a normal coffee is still contained in decaffeinated coffee.

That means, that decaffeinated coffee is not suitable for children. Even low levels of caffeine are detrimental to children and prevent them from sleeping and probably do the same to you.

Care should be taken during pregnancy. Until recently, pregnant women were advised that it was safe to drink up to three cups of coffee a day. However, latest research shows that even small amounts of caffeine increase the risk of growth disorders in the unborn child.

Therefore, as a precaution, during pregnancy coffee should be avoided.

Even if you do not fall into the typical risk group and are otherwise fit and healthy, you should be careful with decaffeinated coffee. Studies show that the level of free fatty acids in the blood increased significantly when consuming decaffeinated coffee. So what should we drink then?

right organic tea selection in the gastronomy and hotel industry semper tea

Healthy alternative tea: when caffeine-free is really caffeine-free

Similar to coffee, tea also contains varieties that naturally contain caffeine. They can only be partially decaffeinated, including classics such as green tea, matcha tea or black tea. However, there is a small but subtle difference here: in coffee, caffeine gets absorbed into the blood stream rapidly.

In tea, however, caffeine is bound to tannins and thus passes much slower into the blood. The consequence is a pleasant and longer effect of the awakening caffeine.

So, this is better but what if you absolutely want to give up caffeine?

Many teas are naturally caffeine-free, meaning 0% caffeine. These include red-bush tea or rooibos, herbal tea, peppermint tea, as well as fruit or camomile tea.

Rooibos and camomile tea are perfect for children, but fruit teas also create magic drinks for young and old! Tea is tasty, thirst quenching, healthy and can be consumed hot or cold.

caffeine free tea is similar in the gastronomy semper tea

The right tea selection in the gastronomy and hotel industry

The need for caffeine-free tea is similar in the gastronomy. They should not be missing in the hospitality or hotel industry.

Your guests will appreciate it in the in-room service. They would certainly enjoy a cup of caffeine free tea in their hotel room, which would not affect their sleep at night.

guests will appreciate cup of organic tea in the in room service semper tea

Great recipe ideas for caffeine-free teas at Semper Tea

Cool and innovative recipe ideas, tips and tricks around tea… you can find all these on our Semper Tea blog!

Our tea lines Coral and Pearl Collection have many delicious teas. Teas for hotels and restaurants, which are not only 100% caffeine-free but also 100% organic.

Call us and get inspired!

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Maybe you will find a decisive inspiration for your business idea with us

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