Best Gin and Tea Cocktails for bars Gin Tonic & Earl Grey

Best Gin and Tea Cocktails for bars – Gin Tonic & Earl Grey, so next time add a special touch to your cocktails with Semper Tea Earl Grey.

Earl Grey – an innovative classic, a new way of enjoying organic black tea: in cocktails.

The joys of cocktails with gin shine all year long, but they’re best suited to spring and summertime. Can’t make it to any of the bars serving these great gin drinks with tea?

gin tonic and earl grey for bars semper tea

Earl Grey tea is popular and valued in the world

This tea is consumed in all corners of the world, it is a popular classic with unique characteristics and an interesting history and tradition.

Either to start the day with energy or to enjoy with a snack, this black tea with bergamot oil is the favourite of many tea lovers.

It is valued for its energising ingredients and its pleasant aroma, an intense and delicious tea, with a subtle citrus flavour.

Bergamot is a fruit with a flavour between orange and lemon and with a light note of grapefruit and lime.

earl grey tea for gastronomy for bars semper tea

A new way of drinking cocktails with tea

A night out with friends, laughs and good times… usually accompanied with an alcoholic drink.

Let´s do it differently… today we present a new way to season your cocktails: with tea.

If you would like to get more recipes with cocktails and tea, follow our blog, soon you will find more stories.

Today we show you how to use Earl Grey in cocktails or gin tonics.

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The most common way to drink Earl Grey tea is infused in water. There’s nothing like having a good cup of tea with milk or a few slices of lemon.

But we have tried it with gin and it is a unique gourmet cocktail! Be surprised!

enjoy a earl grey with gin semper tea

A spicy cocktail from the hand of Gin Maverick and Earl Grey from Semper Tea

Here are quality and creativity combined. Gin Maverick gin is elegant, smooth, fresh, has character and is a perfect combination with our organic Earl Grey tea.

With touches of citrus and grape Monastrell, this gin combined with our tea will create a unique drink for those special moments.

a new way of drinking cocktails with earl grey at bars semper tea

Tea Time Earl Grey feat Gin Maverick


Preparation: Chill the glass, add ice and Gin Maverick London Dry Gin and lemon juice. Mix. Prepare organic black tea Earl Grey from Semper Tea and let it cool. Add tea and black peppercorns.

Enjoy this cocktail at a party at night or a get together with friends.

a spicy cocktail from the hand of gin and earl grey from semper tea

Tea as an innovative ingredient in the hospitality industry

Dare to give this special touch to the drinks that you offer in your hotel, café or bar. You will impress your clients by including cocktails with tea.

Their mixtures, fragrances and nuances, give a very special touch to cocktails. No doubt this is an opportunity to create trends and bring a note of distinction to your service.

Semper Tea is well-known as a tea supplier for hotels, restaurants and cafes but also of fine food shops.

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