100% biodegradable pyramid tea bags – Stand out from the crowd

100% biodegradable pyramid tea bags. Stand out from the crowd. The concern of caring for the environment is growing and it is heavily noticed in the area of product packaging and our daily consume.

Nowadays, plastic and freight transport generate huge amounts of waste that pollute the planet. We are aware of this problem.

pyramid tea bags to biodegradable semper tea

Are tea bags compostable?

This year we have changed our pyramid tea bags to biodegradable and compostable.

This material is made out of corn fibers and has no synthetic additives. It has a silky touch to it and does not affect the taste of tea.

pyramid tea bags compostable semper tea

Stand out from the crowd with Semper Tea

How do you stand out from your competition serving tea in your café?

Tea’s popularity is growing steadily – its taste and health benefits, the discovery of new flavours and the trendiness due to the increasingly appealing way it is presented.

Consumers are showing an appreciation for flavourful, organic teas in premium quality. But not just the high quality tea counts – the customer has to be able to appreciate the whole tea experience from the optical signals, the tea design packaging and the organic tea bag material to the way it is positioned in a café, buffet or restaurant.

top tea design packaging for cafe buffet or restaurant semper tea

Choosing the right organic tea brand

If you are considering adding tea to your menu, changing your tea brand or thinking of different ways to serving it, you would have to start by thinking who you are trying to reach.

Do you already have an established clientele that you know and whose taste you can easily predict and therefore satisfy or are you starting fresh.

Then the same considerations that take place when you consider the rest of your menu would have to apply to the choice of tea.

Semper Tea will make you stand out from the crowd. Its high quality organic tea, attractive packaging and unique design will certainly be remembered by your clients… perhaps for the tea afternoon.

Our team at Semper Tea would be happy to give you some guidance when choosing your tea brand. Don´t hesitate to contact us.

top tea design packaging for cafe buffet or restaurant semper tea

Premium quality tea and an eye catching design

Serving a low-end tea bag in high end restaurants could leave a bad aftertaste following even the best meal and would devaluate the whole tea experience.

The next thing to think about is how you would be serving your tea: the choices are many: hot, cold tea or iced tea, in pyramid tea bags, classic tea bags, or loose tea, would your customers want a tea-to-go and would they expect biodegradable packaging.

And which tea bag dispenser would you choose to organize your tea behind the counter of your café? Please ask us, we would love to help.

organic tea bag material for cafe buffet or restaurant semper tea

Feel good in your favorite café by having a cup of tea

Offering your body what it needs, consciously consuming beneficial products is the way to go. It is necessary to take a breath, dedicate a moment to ourselves and feel what a good rhythm for our life is.

Relax with a good cup of organic tea from Semper Tea and enjoy your day

Would you like to read more about conscious eating or mindfoodness? We recently published an entry where we explain what it is and why it is beneficial for our physical and mental health. Read more about it here.

Organic products and food awareness- a good combination

If you have a hotel, hospitality business or a catering company that wants to offer a breakfast buffet with healthy alternatives, please contact us!

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